Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Leavin' on a Jet Plane...Yeah, notsomuch.

Yesterday was the day...the day the guys and baby Jachym were going to be on a plane home.

But...they're still here. Still in Wisconsin. Stuck here.

I'm not going to get into the details--they're not mine to share. But let's just say that the whole paperwork "process" is taking longer than anticipated.

And I feel terrible about it. No, it's not my fault. It actually has nothing to do with me...but I still feel awful, because, as much as it kills me to say this, they need to go home. (did I just really type that? Ugh.)

It's time.

It's time for their life to begin in the Czech Republic, not to continue in America's Dairyland.

How am I feeling about this? I am okay. I mean, it will still be quite sad when they go, but every moment I put myself in their shoes, I realize how badly they need to start living their life at their home, not mine.

So, if you can just throw some good thoughts out for the guys, I would appreciate it.

As much as I'd love to see Jachym take his first steps, I think I'd rather the families in Prague witness that first moment :)


  1. You sound good...and healthy. You're right, it's always going to be sad when they leave but it's a good feeling to be ok with them going home. XO

  2. Have I told you lately how amazing you are? Because yeah, you are. I know it's gotta be hard for you because you have a relationship with these guys and Jachym now. But you're so amazing because you know you've done your part. You've given them the best gift in the world and now it's time for you to say goodbye.

    Love you girl. I'll bet it was even harder to have them stay because you were probably mentally prepped for them to go so you could get on with and over the empty nest feeling quickly. :)


    1) We can visit and drink beer with Jesse anytime we feel like it:)
    2) Breast milk keeps coming
    3) We have time to watch TV - we hardly ever do that back home
    4) We both can bond with our baby ALL DAY LONG
    5) We swim in the lake every day - sometimes for 1 hour
    6) We get to go to Chicago for world-famous triathlon
    7) BJ Ice cream!

  4. Number 1 on the list is really the only reason one would need. That is pretty cool though. Jesse, I love you girl. I am sorry they are hung up in the process and I'll be sending positive thoughts that they can return home soon. Even if that does mean I miss meeting them by just a little bit.

    Have a safe trip, guys!