Monday, September 24, 2012

Heads up, Colorado

You may recognize this chick...

...that's Jeni and she's pretty damn cool.

Oh, and guess what?!?!... 

I'm going to visit her this weekend at her home in Colorado!!

Yeah, I'm just a smidge excited.

There are a few things I know will happen this during my visit. 
We are going to...

          Talk.  A lot.
          Eat.  A lot.
          Laugh.  A lot.
          See Stomp
          Talk, eat and laugh some more.
          Maybe cry a little.
          Visit the DQ.

I am looking forward to every one of those things.  Seriously looking forward to them.

So, heads up State of Colorado.  A little bit of Wisconsin is headed your way and she's pretty damn pumped!


  1. WE are READY for YOU! Why are we going to cry? We will probably cry from laughter. And we will probably cry when you leave. And it makes me want to cry thinking about you finally being here, but I hope we don't have ANY super sad crying...there's no time for that garbage! :-) 105 HOURS!

  2. Jealous! You ladies are probably having tons of fun though. Fun is good for the soul.