Wednesday, September 19, 2012


I'm good at a lot of things, however there's one thing I kinda am not so good at:

growing vegetables.

If you remember, I did a post last year about my Topsy Turvy and the fact that I only got one tomato out of the plant. 

So note my sad little lonesome 2011 tomato:

This year, I opted for the non-topsy version of a tomato planter.  I took the plunge and planted a healthy little stater of a tomato gem in my herb garden.  I followed the directions oh so carefully.  It was actually marketed as a patio plant, so I knew I wouldn't get too much out of it.

Yeah, ain't that the truth...


One.  Again, one stinkin' tomato.


Oh, and don't let me forget to mention that the one little guy that I grew so lovingly disappeared one day...

...and I never even got to say goodbye...

So, if as a society, we're ever dependent upon growing our own vegetables to keep us alive, I won't be much help to anyone.


  1. Who stole the mater? That's what I want to know! Just think, some VERY nice animal is VERY grateful for your VERY thoughtful growing techniques.

  2. That's really hilarious... sad, but hilarious. One, not zero, not two, just one, and one two years in a row. I'm so sorry. But, I'm laughing at you!