Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fall Foto

So I've been neglecting my blog, you say??

Yeah, I know. 

I'm in a kind of funk right now that I can't explain.  I'm sure there's lots of contributors to my funk, but I won't air that all out in blog land. 

You're welcome.

So, instead I'm gonna post a picture.  One that makes me smile.

Because I love taking pictures.

And because I love fall.

I took that the other day on property I probably shouldn't have been on...but it was too cool to pass up.  And adding a trespassing arrest to my life right now would be just too appropriate (no worries, I didn't even get so much as a warning.)

I'm writing up some witty posts, so stay tuned for some updates on my life...and I'll try to get you a photo of one of the cutest little guys ever!! 

(T & H, if you're reading this, I NEED A PHOTO FIX...PRONTO!!  :))


  1. You know what? This picture made ME smile, too:) And feel free to air away with the funk contributions-- isn't that what these things are for? b

  2. That photo is beautiful. Funks are not. :(

    Hang happy EVERY day. Lots of love.

    You? Witty posts? Pshhh...doesn't that describe every post you write? XOXO

  3. This is gorgeous! It screams fall. You should frame it or turn it into a canvas print. Sorry about the funk, funks happen.

  4. I love the colors in the photo. I'm glad you got out exploring with your camera. Hopefully that helped shake the funk a little. Love and smiles from the south. I hope they blow in the breeze heading north to help you out.