Monday, December 31, 2012

This post brought to you by Merlot...

It's a quiet night at's New Years Eve and all is good in the world.  Elliot is playing with his new Christmas present from Santa (Nintendo 3DS), Emerson and London are watching a Disney movie and I'm enjoying a nice glass of red wine.  Jesse has some party buses out tonight, so I won't be totally relaxed until he and the other drivers get home safely..but the wine is helping me relax just a little bit.

And true to how things are in my family, London just farted and no one can stop laughing.  Including me.

This is my life.  And I'm totally okay with it.

So 2012 was pretty great.  I mean, I gave birth to the cutest little guy and made daddies out of two of the coolest guys I've ever met.  I went through a lot both physically and emotionally and I wouldn't take any of it back for anything.  It was the most amazing experience I've ever had and for that, 2012 will forever be pretty frickin' awesome.

The past few months have been, uh, weird...but everything is fine.  Everything wasn't fine for a period of time, but it's fine now and that's what matters.  What happened over the past few months is not worth sharing over the interwebs of the world, but know that now, I'm in a place that is good.  I'm in a place that is very good.  I'm happy.  It took some soul searching to get here, but when I arrived, I knew it was where I wanted, needed and was supposed to be. 

I have a few things on the docket in 2013 that I'm quite excited about.  Jesse and I have purchased tickets to see Brian Regan in March...front row.  I'm totally pumped because I'm secretly in love with Brian (ssshhhh...don't tell my husband).  In May, I'll be taking a little jaunt to Kentucky to visit Cole--the plan is to run a 5K while I'm there, but that may just turn into eating at a buffet for 3 hours instead.  I'm kidding.  Maybe.  I'm sure at some point I'll make my way back to Colorado to cause some trouble with my ling lost, Jeni.  Finally, in July, the hubster and I will be going to Prague to visit the guys and Jachym!  We're also going to hit up Italy for a bit.  Yeah, I'm just slightly excited about it.  Man, I think about this trip and I get all giddy.  Eek!  It will be right before Jachym turns one--how flippin cool, eh?? 

2013 will also likely bring some pretty heavy discussions with my family about the possibility of doing another surrogacy journey...another journey is always on my mind and it's something I know I really want to do, however I want to let a little more time pass before I move forward with it.  I'd like to spend time with my own family and focus on them for a bit.  I have these exciting things planned (trips) for this year and I want to be able to enjoy every second of them--and there's no way I'd be able to cause trouble in KY and CO or drink copious amounts of red wine while in Italy if I were on meds or preggo...I also want to get into better shape physically so when I am ready to make a final decision on another journey, I can jump into things pretty quickly and be totally ready.

And because I know everyone loves a photo, here are some for your viewing pleasure:

My beautiful girls in their PJ's, all ready for Santa to come!

The newest member of the Cheesehead Limousine driving team!
The cutest little surro guy, ever!

2012, you were awesome.

2013, I am so looking forward to what you have to offer.

Though my blog posts have been few and far between lately, please know that I still treasure you all--those that read this blog, those that write other blogs.  I'm gonna do my best to keep ya'll appraised of my life and its' happenings.  Happy New Year, everyone!! 


  1. I started laughing when I read your post title. This comment brought to you by a glass of Vueve and two cans of Miller Lite :) happy 2013

  2. Happy new year to one amazing lady! Do take care of yourself this year. You gave so much of yourself last year that it would only be appropriate to balance the scale and do a little "you" work. I am loving the trips as a way to rebuild and how exciting that you'll get to visit jachym! And so happy the unpublishable stuff is resolved. wishing you and your family a beautiful 2013!

  3. Your 2012 was a BIG year! And your 2013 sounds friggin' awesome! Especially the CO part! :)

    Love ya girlie! Happy New Year!

  4. We are glad you are in a better place now. You are doing something so wonderful for other people, who cannot have children of their own, be it through nature or gender. At The British Surrogacy Centre we have 100's of success stories like yours and they always make us smile. We look forward to reading more of your blogs!