Friday, January 18, 2013

Opinions Needed--Paint Colors!

Things are a-changin' at the Jesse X2 home...

We're bored.  We need a change.  A revamp.

As much as I'd like to just buy a new house or even build something nice and new and pretty, I only have like $8 dollars to spend, so we're just going to change up our current home a bit.

You trim, new paint, new carpet...stuff like that.

I've pretty much decided on the paint for the living room, sitting room and bathroom (I'll run it past ya'll just to make sure I'm on the right path), but I'm struggling with a room big time that I need your help with.

The kitchen.

The hub of my existence.

Here's the history...

We bought our home in July of 2004.  It was built in 1890 and the previous owners were psychotic.  No really, they were.  And they were gross.  Literally, I have photos from our first walk-through of pantyhose laying on the floor and marks in the floor on what we assumed to be containers that held pot-plants that were being grown in one of the bedrooms.


But we looked past all that and knew we could it make what we wanted to.

That first year we owned it (and lived in it), we pretty much gutted the entirety and re-did it.  New floors, new walls, new fixtures--everything.

And about half way into the remodel, I got pregnant.

Time to bust-a-move.

I remember sitting on the living room floor, 8 months pregnant, putting together our kitchen cabinets.  Yeah, that was fun.

Anyway, here's what the kitchen looks like now (forgive the stuff on the counters...this was taken a long time ago and I've since developed a sense of "I don't want any crap on my counters")...

See the blue walls?  That's pretty much the main paint in the entire kitchen.  The red is an accent wall (to your left) and the red is no longer there on your right (it's just pine now).

The ceilings are very high and pine (look right above the windows--the entire ceiling above the fan is the same thing).

Appliances are all white (for now...possibility of stainless in the future) and perimeter counter top is Formica (with hints of blue in it).  The island butcher block will be replaced with dark granite.  All trim work will be white.

As much as I'd like new cabinets, it's not going to happen right now.  So, the biggest change we can make is paint... 

...this is where I need your help.

We need something that will go with the pine cabinets, pine ceiling and white trim.  I'm not a fan of yellow and we want to stay clear of blue.  We would like to have the "accent" wall a different color or shade, if possible.

Alright friends.  HELP!!  Thoughts?  Ideas? 

Prize to the person with the best idea!


  1. My vote is for a light (not pastel) green. That would be. Huge difference and go great with the light wood. You could accent it with so many options. It would brighten up the ceiling too and make it feel bigger, drawing your eye up. What is your heart telling you?

  2. I need a close-up shot of that counter. But my first response is to say chocolate brown.

  3. I agree with a light green as well because it will blend with many colors but a darker green would look very nice. Im getting ready to paint our kitchen a light moss colored green. I LOVE your kitchen and the pine!!!! Im not sure why you would want new cabinets because those look to be in great condition and match the ceilings.

  4. UGH my post didnt publish.....well the long and short of my comment was I think a light green with maybe a darker green accent wall would look great (in fact I will soon be painting my kitchen a light green and putting in Oak chair rail as accent) I LOVE the pine and wouldnt change the cabinets at all!