Thursday, February 21, 2013

I get 70 miles to the gallon on this hog.

The day:  January 4, 2013
The time:  sometime in the afternoon

"I have an "appointment" tomorrow afternoon.  Will that work with your schedule?" said the man I married.  "Uh, sure" I said.  "What kind of appointment?".  "Nevermind that" he said with a smirk.

My eyebrows raised.  He said nothing more.

Something was up.

The day: February 14, 2013

The time: 5:49 am

I awoke to a familiar voice "Hun, get up. It's Valentine's Day". When I was able to open my eyes and focus, I saw my husband staring at me with a huge smile on his face.

He grabbed my hand and I looked down the stairs leading to the main level of our house and saw this:

I walked oh so carefully down my path of hearts, walked into the room below and saw this:


Yes, my is true and oh so awesome.  I am now the proud owner of a Honda Cosmopolitan Scooter. 

Oh yes, I took it for a spin immediatly.  Nevermind it was only 4 degrees outside, I needed to try that puppy out.  And she's awesome.

I'm hittin' the wind once the weather turns at least a teensy bit warmer.

I may have taken it out last night to pick up some ice cream at the local supermarket.  Froze my boobies off.

Best Valentine's Day present ever.  My husband may have just clinched the husband of the year award.

From this point forward, call me Lloyd.

I get 70 miles to the gallon on this hog.


  1. Pwahahahaha!!! LOVE the picture! Your hubby did SO good!

  2. AWESOME! Huge smile here. What an awesome guy!

  3. TOTALLY watched D&D last weekend. Classic. I can't decide which I'd like more - taking it for a spin myself, or seeing you all suited up, heading to the grocery store (freezing your boobies off). Hmmm...I'll have to give that some thought. Happy V Day! Ya done good, Boy Jesse.

  4. Late on this (as always) but love it and hope you'll let me take it for a spin. Better yet, you drive, I'll squeeze you tight and hold on for dear life!

  5. Awesome!!! He did a great job! :)