Saturday, May 25, 2013

5K. Complete.

I’m not sure that I can flat out say “I’m a runner” …yet…
…but I am happy to tell you that I did, in fact, “run a 5K”.

No really, I did.

I ran it.


My friend, Cole, and I have been talking about doing a 5K for a few months. When I say “doing” my thought was always just walking the thing. Never could I possibly run 3.106 miles. Ever.

A 5K opportunity just happened to come up near her home in Kentucky. She called me and asked "want to do a 5K with me?".

I said okay.

And then regretted my answer immediately.

I mean, she was actually talking about running it. Yikes! I thought she was nuts.

And then I thought—No, I can do this. WE can do this.

We talked about goals and decided on 2 of them:

1. To finish without keeling over.
2. To finish in under 45 minutes.

Then I got an e-mail from the Flying Pig Marathon Association. It was my registration. It was my race number. It was reality that I was going to have to do this.

How on earth was I going to run 3 miles? The most I had ever run at a time was 1 mile—and my best time was just a smidge under 12 minutes. Notsogreat. To run a 5K in less than 45 minutes would mean I would have to average less than 14:48 per mile. For one mile that might be a walk run in the park, for 3 miles that might be worse than, oh, I don’t know, running more than 1 mile??

The day of the race arrived. I donned my spandex running pants (the last time I wore spandex in public was at a 6th grade dance in 1991…seriously) and pinned my race number to my shirt. I actually could have passed for a real runner. But I didn’t feel like one…I actually felt like a poser. I wasn’t a runner. I don’t run.

The countdown to the start of the race commenced and as soon as we heard “One!” we took off.

And we ran.

And ran.

(okay, more like jogged, but you get my drift...)

Seriously, we ran nearly the entire thing. We walked only for a couple minutes.

And we finished it!!  We finished in 43:10.

Is that great? For us, yes. For a runner—probably not.  But our goals were met. And then some.  And we had a great time doing it!

Thanks for the great time, Cole (and your hospitality)!!  It's always a good time when I'm hanging out with good people.

As for the 5K...will we do another???....we'll see!!


  1. Great job! I know what you mean about goals being different for everyone. When I did my first 5K, I made a time goal. When I was bragging it up, my brother in law told me that his time was just about half of mine. Oh, shut up. Seriously, shut. Up.

  2. Great job ladies! So proud of both of you!

  3. Awesome. No need to qualify it. It's awesome.

  4. I remember doing my first 5K and it is such a sense of accomplishment. Be might get addicted. Somehow I registered for a half marathon. You might do it too! ;-)

  5. Will we do another? Hell yes we will and run the whole time! We did most of this one but we can do it completely, I just know it. We just needed a little more time to train. We were both so unsure about it. I truly appreciate the kick in the pants when I tried to back out. I'm proud of us, even if we aren't "real" runners. Let us not forget that we also walked from Kentucky to Ohio and back after running.