Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today, I was in a hospital.

One year ago today, I gave birth to a baby boy.

One year ago today, I helped create a family.

One year ago today, I fulfilled my dream of becoming a surrogate.

Happy First Birthday to my handsome little surro-guy!!! 

He went from this cutie moments after birth:

To this very handsome little man:

I am so thankful an honored to have lived the past year knowing I was able to help create a beautiful family.  Knowing that that little guy above is loved by so many people brings a feeling to my heart that in unexplainable.

Relive the birth story here, if you'd like!

Jáchym--Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám! 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Europe...Day 1

July 7, 2013
In flight

We flew from Milwaukee to JFK (New York) on a very uneventful flight, only a couple hours.  Thanks to the bloody mary's at the airport at MKE, our vacation started off great!

We arrived at JFK airport with about 5 hours to spare before our flight left for Prague. New York...and 5 hours before our next flight...what does one do??

Go to New York City, of course!!!

So, we stepped outside the terminal and happened upon a man wearing bright yellow with a checkered pattern vest...a taxi driver right?  Well, kinda...I'll get to that in a sec.

He looks like a taxi driver, no??
We negotiated with "The Yes Man" (I don't think we ever got his real name, but the "Yes" tattoo on his arm denoted his surname) and before we knew it, we hopped into his SUV with another driver sound asleep in the front and headed to the city.

The self-proclaimed "King of the Swoop" (think of swooping as veering out of traffic, passing a car or two on the shoulder and cutting someone off to get back onto the road) made good time and before we knew it, we were looking out the windows at Times Square.

I was seriously just thankful to be alive at that point.

Now, all the way to the city, Jesse kept giving me "the eye". My first thought was, "oh, he's telling me he loves me before we enter an alley and find our death by taxi-driver". What he was trying to tell me was that "The Yes Man" wasn't legit. Completely illegal, operating what I thought was a real taxi-service in New York City.  Yeah, I was wrong.


My inner Wisconsin small town girl mind took over and needless to say, I was slightly frightened.

...but he got us to the city just fine--and the whole way there we had interesting conversation with him and learned all about his endeavours, true or not.  He was kind of a neat chap.

And Al was still sleeping in the front seat.

Double parked, "The Yes Man", hubby and I got out and ordered some decent street grub at a somewhat famous food cart (I guess it's one that has had the same spot for 25+ years).  Nothing like eating a gyro and falafal in a double parked taxi, just sayin'...

After lunch, we headed back to the airport.

And got there safely.


After standing outside and chatting with "The Yes Man" for a bit before we re-entered the terminal, I glanced down at his name tag.  Still not quite getting his real name, I learned his very official taxi badge read that he was a "Food Service Manager".  Very official, no?

We found our gate and boarded the 7-hour Delta flight to Prague!

Up Next...Day 2.  Prague.  And the surro-family.