Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One Year Ago Today...

One year ago today, I was in a hospital.

One year ago today, I gave birth to a baby boy.

One year ago today, I helped create a family.

One year ago today, I fulfilled my dream of becoming a surrogate.

Happy First Birthday to my handsome little surro-guy!!! 

He went from this cutie moments after birth:

To this very handsome little man:

I am so thankful an honored to have lived the past year knowing I was able to help create a beautiful family.  Knowing that that little guy above is loved by so many people brings a feeling to my heart that in unexplainable.

Relive the birth story here, if you'd like!

Jáchym--Všechno nejlepší k narozeninám! 


  1. I love the concept of surrogacy. It is a most pleasurable process for those people who can't have their children. Surrogate mother is like an angel for them as she delivers the child who is the intended parents' blood and flesh! Love the article, Jesse. Keep writing and updating us about the boy. He's so cute!!!!

    Kunik Goel

  2. I just read the birth story again and got all emotional. I think being a part of a journey with a surrogate (it doesn't matter if you're the IPs or the surrogate) you know what a commitment it takes to make a family and the emotions (joy, heartbreak, excitement, etc.) will never leave you. What a lovely post.

  3. Happy Birthday Jachym! Such a big boy!